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George Wythe High School, Richmond
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Ph.D. in English from the University of Oregon, associate professor in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies at JMU.  Have been at JMU for 14 years.I have been a PIR for five years, with the last three spent at George Wythe High in Richmond, VA.  At George Wythe I assist students with all aspects of the college application process, financial aid applications, scholarship applications, resume construction, etc. while incorporating small lessons on how we use language in the above-mentioned situations.  I also speak with students throughout the year on the expectations that colleges and universities have for students.  I will continue these efforts this year with the addition of an initiative to attempt to make sure every George Wythe senior, regardless of the institution he or she plans to attend, has applied to and understands the process for enrolling in a local community college.  The goal in this initiative is to increase the likelihood that Wythe graduates will attend college the following autumn. 

The Case for Equality in Education

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