Professor of Philosophy

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Harrisonburg High School
College Planning and Access

Dr. William O'Meara, Professor of Philosophy. Serving at Harrisonburg High School for seven years.

My key focus is assisting seniors in planning either for a four year college degree or a two year community college degree with a possible transfer to a four year college.   Students from low-income families can receive significant Pell grants and state grants to support their attendance, and I encourage students to seek out these grants.  I also encourage low-income students who are eligible to apply for the Centennial Scholarship at JMU and other appropriate financial assistance.  To achieve these purposes I speak to all senior government classes and with as many individuals, one at a time, as I can throughout the year.  Faculty and staff from JMU could possibly assist me in meeting with individual students so that I could reach out to other students in the first three years of high school as a way of motivating their academic achievement through their anticipation of financial assistance when they would attend college.

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