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Lucille Brown Middle School

Chapman Hood Frazier, College of Education, Professor of Middle and Secondary Education, Retired.

Three Years at William Fleming High School in Roanoke, Virginia

Appointed to Lucille Brown Middle School

During the past three years, as Professor in Residence, I have had the opportunity to get to know the faculty, staff and students at William Fleming High School through a variety of programs. First, I met and collaborated with English faculty at the school conducting an inservice workshop on Literature Circles in the classroom as well as guest presented in Creative Writing classes on innovative methods of working with poetry. During my first year, I organized it for several students and their teachers to come to JMU and participate in poetry workshops held at the College of Education as part of a Furious Flower African American Poetry Conference on campus. In addition, I have organized panel discussions on “Going to College” facilitated by our Centennial Scholars from James Madison University who were alumni of William Fleming High School. Finally, I have regularly met with faculty at William Fleming to conduct a “needs assessment” of how JMU can help them, selected and awarded scholarship candidates for the First Generation Scholarship, and met with students who are planning to apply to college.

This past year, I worked with Kerry Crewan, in Biology at JMU and Barbara Franklin visited the Math Dept. as a way to help them deal with problems in Science and Math.  Dr, Cresawn was working on testing questions with the Science Dept. and observing classes. This may be something Dr. Desporte will continue as PIR instructor.

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