Associate Professor, Early, Elementary & Reading Education

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Skyline Middle School, Harrisonburg

Technology in Education

Fall 2014 Semester begins the 8th year I will have served in the PIR Program.

Initiatives at my school that I seek collaboration with JMU staff and faculty: As a PIR, it is utmost in my mind-set that the mission of the Professor-In-Residence Program at James Madison University is to enhance the academic atmosphere in the high-needs schools where PIRs work.  As a PIR for the past 6 years, I have personally witnessed that many at-risk students tend not to participate in school activities, have disciplinary and truancy problems, and problematic peer relationships. As an experienced PIR, I have learned the importance of exchanging ideas in specific settings, for specific purposes, and learned how to negotiate shared meanings in a communicative social context. By building foundational relationships with our 'community of practice' partners, the PIR Program positively demonstrates why it is in sync with JMU's Madison Collaborative Vision Statement as regards the application of ethical reasoning to our personal, professional, and civic lives by valuing:

  • challenging unexamined thought patterns and behaviors to evaluate complex issues and diverse perspectives;
  • engaging individuals and groups in intellectual inquiry, respectful dialogue and meaningful action;
  • fostering community through collaboration; and
  • positively transforming ourselves, our communities, and our world.

As a PIR participant-observer role model, I make multiple, concerted efforts every semester to design activities / projects in conjunction with available learning environments that create a community of learning where participants share lived through aesthetic experiences they might have otherwise might never experience without PIR involvement. I am anchored in my work by the PIR dialogue and a personal proactive stance, which is particularly rich and significant as regards influencing and making an impact on practice and diversity policy in teaching, learning, and providing opportunities for underrepresented students. 

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