Welcome to Philosophy and Religion at JMU!

Philosophy and Religious Studies involve the examination of many of the most important thinkers and the most important ideas in human history. 

In our classes, you might discuss the ethical views of Aristotle, the theology of Martin Luther, or early Buddhist religious texts, just to name a very few examples.  Our classes also range widely over the vast expanse of contemporary philosophical and religious thought in such topical areas as modern religious apocalypticism, the nature of knowledge, and the role of women in Islam.  This merely scratches the surface; we have many more ideas to explore together as we try to come to a better understanding of our place in the world.

To this end, we offer a major in Philosophy and Religion; majors choose to concentrate in one of the following four areas:

            Philosophy (B.A. or B.S.)
            Interdisciplinary Philosophy (B.A. or B.S.)
            Religion (B.A.)
            Interdisciplinary Religion  (B.A.)

In addition, we offer the following affiliated minors:

            Logic and Reasoning
            Religious Studies
            Christian Studies
            Global Religion and Global Issues

Our faculty have specialties in all of the major historical and contemporary areas and traditions of philosophy and religious studies.  We also have three active student groups:  the philosophy honor society (Phi Sigma Tau), the religion honor society (Theta Alpha Kappa), and the Religion Society.  These groups periodically sponsor lectures, discussions, and other activities.  Please see our News and Events lists below for more on recent and upcoming items of interest. 

If you would like more information, please explore the links to the left.  We hope to see you soon!



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  • Mar 30: Presentation by Liseli Fitzpatrick (PFF Fellow)
  • Apr 2: Armin Langer: "Coalition Building between Minorities"
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