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When will the UREC addition open to participants?

The UREC Addition opened Sunday, January 10 at 4pm!

Will there be a second entrance?

No, the current entrance at the front of UREC will remain the only entrance and exit point for participants! Come into UREC the way you always have!

How do I get to the new part of UREC?

A temporary pathway is constructed through the right side of the UREC Main Gym (second floor). The official hallway through the center of the Main Gym will open at some point in the Spring Semester. Access to the new Pool, Spa, and Sauna will be through the glass doors in the current pool. There will be signage and staff to help you find your way!

What is in the new addition?

  • Weight, Fitness & Cardio Spaces (These spaces will be approximately 2.5 times the size of the current space for these activities. The current fitness spaces will be renovated for other use.) Six Group Fitness Studios (Two mind-body spaces, one group cycling space, and three general use spaces. The current studios will be renovated for other uses.)
  • Three Super Multi-Activity Centers (Gym and court spaces, with two regulation basketball and volleyball courts in each, two have integrated goals for indoor soccer and one will include batting cages and floor hockey goals.) 
  • Indoor Track (The new 1/6 mile track will be intended for running and jogging. The current 1/10 mile indoor track will remain and will be intended for walking and slower jogging.)
  • Fitness/Instructional Pool and Spa (The new pool will feature a jetted fitness channel, in-water volleyball court and basketball hoops. The new spa will be approximately four times the size of the old Spa and will feature natural rock look with a waterfall. The Dry Sauna will reopen).
  • Outdoor Courtyard (The new courtyard will be located on the back-side of the facility).

Is there a lazy river?

There is no lazy river in the new-and-improved Aquatics Center. This facility was designed with the intention that spaces will encourage physical activity and a lazy river would not achieve that goal. In the new multi-activity pool, there is a jetted-fitness channel for resistance training which will be open for both informal recreation and be utilized for educational programs such as "Channel your Fitness."

Will there still be signups for cardio equipment?

No! With about 160 pieces of cardio equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, etc), we do not expect there to be a wait for equipment. 

How do I use the day lockers in the addition?

  1. Open the locker door.
  2. Place personal belongings in the locker.
  3. Close the locker door.
  4. With the lock in the “unlock position,” set your own combination.
  5. Turn knob to “lock position” and scramble the dial.
  6. When you return, re-enter your combination to unlock the locker. Contact a UREC staff member if you have issues opening your locker.
  7. Remove your belongings. Any items left overnight are subject to removal.

Please take care to remember, type into your cell phone, or write down the locker number and your code!

How do I listen to the TVs in the Fitness Center?

You can plug earbuds into any of the equipment with a personal TV. To listen to the large TVs, download the free "ListenWiFi Personal Listening" app on a smart device. Then connect to the "Personal Listening" Wifi network. Then select the station (TVs are numbered left to right, 1-7) and enjoy!

What cable channels are available on the cardio equipment with personal TVs?

Information about campus channels can be found on the Telecom website.

How do I get to the Group Exercise Studios?

Follow signage to the addition. Turn left once you get into the new space, turn right at The Crossroads, and go up the stairs one level. This is the Group Exercise hallway.

Where can I find a map and photos?

View maps and photos online here! We will have maps available at the UREC Welcome Center and Equipment Center as well.

How do I access the new pool?

After swiping in at the Welcome Center, head straight and go around the left of the climbing wall. Turn right, and head through the appropriate locker room to the Aquatics Center. There are glass doors between the original pool and the new pool on the left!

How do I sign up for UREC programs, classes, and services?

UREC offers two methods for registering for programs - in-person at UREC and online at!

When will facilities close for Renovations and what is included in the renovations?

The last day the following spaces will be open:

    • Friday, November 20: MAC Gym, Conference Room
    • Friday, December 11: Pool (will re-open on January 10)
    • Thursday, December 17: Fitness I
    • Friday, December 18: Fitness II, Main Gym, Multi-Purpose Studio, Group Fitness Studio, Cycle Studio

The renovation phase of construction is expected to take place between December 2015 and Summer 2016. As portions of the renovations are completed, they will be opened for use as soon as possible. The entire facility is expected to be complete and fully operational by the start of the Fall 2016 Semester. The following facilities will be included in the renovated space:

    • Adventure Center with free-standing Climbing Wall, Bouldering Wall, instructional space, Bicycle Repair Center, and Outdoor Equipment Check-Out (Planned for the current MAC Gym.)
    • Demonstration Kitchen and Wellness Instruction Room (This dual purpose room is planned for the current Fitness Level 1. When the kitchen is not in use, a partition will be closed.)
    • Wellness Suite with Studios for Massage (2), Personal Training, Assessment, Small Group Exercise Instruction and an Athletic Training Room (Planned for the current Fitness 2 and Multipurpose Studio.)
    • Club Room (Instructional/meeting space equipped with latest technology for groups of up to 200 people. Planned for the second floor of the current MAC Gym.) Universal Changing/Restrooms (3) – (Gender-neutral restroom/changing spaces planned for the current Fitness 1.)
    • Faculty and Staff Locker Rooms (Planned for the current Fitness 1.)
    • Wet/Dry Classroom (Aquatics and Safety instructional space for certification and educational courses. Planned for the current Fitness 1.)
    • Parking (Expanded D-Lot parking planned at old tennis court location by Duke Dog Alley and additional handicap-accessible parking will be added along Driver Drive.)
    • Meditation Room (Planned for current Cycle Studio).
    • Squash Court (Planned for current Racquetball Court 5, which is currently the Assessment Center. A motorized wall will allow for both Racquetball and Squash to be played in the court. Also, Racquetball Court 8 will revert back to a Racquetball Court, as it is currently serving as the TRX Training Center).
    • Large Traffic Turnaround (Bus stop and drop off space planned for the end of Driver Drive near the Adventure Center). 

How can members of the community get involved?

University Recreation facilities and programs are primarily for the students, faculty, and staff of the JMU community (view our access policies). However, there are several programs and services that anyone may take advantage of, regardless of affiliation to JMU! We hope you will consider getting your children involved in our youth programs, join our adult summer soccer league, or reserving space for your next event at UREC!

Will you have a Grand Opening Celebration?

UREC will celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of the facility and our 20th Anniversary on October 7, 2016! We hope you will join us.

Have more questions?

Stop by or call our Welcome Center at 540-568-8737!

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Published: Thursday, January 28, 2016

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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