New students welcomed into the JMU family

by Caitlyn Read


Alger stands to address new students

President Jonathan R. Alger addresses 4,300 new students (Photo Credit: JMU University Marketing Photography Department)

President Jonathan R. Alger and Dr. Mark Warner, senior vice president, Student Affairs and University Planning, welcomed 4,300 first-year students to the JMU family today, officially kicking off the 1787 August Orientation experience.

“We are a family. Yes, it is a large and diverse, and constantly evolving family, but it is a family and you are all now a part of it, so take a look around this room. This is your JMU family,” said Alger to students before encouraging them to treat each other with respect and civility.

Following, Warner emphasized that JMU is a friendly community, and that making intentionally healthy choices about one’s physical, social and emotional life is the Madison way.

Warner then presented students with a series of challenges to execute during their time at the university, including never letting anyone feel invisible, continuing the tradition of holding open doors on campus, caring about yourself and other people and making good decisions.

Warner also broached the difficult subject of sexual assault, “We need to stop sexual assault. It’s up to all of us. At JMU, we don’t hurt each other. We don’t take advantage of each other. We care for each other, we respect each other and we keep each other safe.”

Warner noted the importance of bystander intervention in these matters by noting, “As a member of the JMU community, when you see something happening to another person that should not be happening, do something. We do not stand by, we stand with.

Along with the welcome from leadership, there was music from Madison Project, a JMU all-male a cappalla group, an impressively choreographed dance number performed by the First Year Orientation Guides (FROGs) and words from Taylor Vollman, student body president, echoing Alger’s sentiment and noting that the JMU family is “a spirited bunch.”

For more on 1787 August Orientation, click here, or follow along with #JMU1787. 


Aug. 20, 2104

Published: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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