• Cracking the Case Cracking the Case
    September 1, 2009: "CSI...makes me laugh," says Michelle Waldron ('00), a criminalist and latent print examiner. Real life work is not as dramatic as television, but cracking a cold case is especially satisfying, Waldron says. It's a chance to see...
  • Shelby Brown at CBS 6 Instant results drive TV journalist
    January 1, 2009: Shelby Brown McDowney ('93), Chesterfield, Va., beat reporter, says her JMU academic experience prepared her well, particularly Dr. Roger Soenksen's mass communication law class.
  • President Rose explains budget cuts as a result of a shortfall in Virginia tax revenue Investment in education a must
    January 1, 2009: "Investment in education is a prerequisite for the economic growth of our nation. Mastery of a shifting set of knowledge and skills is absolutely necessary as new business paradigms emerge and new fields of endeavor arise," says JMU President...
  • Julian A. Burress Julian A. Burruss
    January 1, 2009: At the turn of the century, teaching was a profession practiced haphazardly, yet Julian Burruss knew teaching was too important to remain so. He crafted curriculum that considered the whole student and the impact a teacher would have.
  • - COB 300
    January 1, 2009: In one semester JMU's COB 300 12-credit interdisciplinary class requires student teams to build a business from the ground up. Alumni say the course provided them with the skills to succeed in the real world.
  • Traci Cox ('08) earned a Fulbright assistantship to teach in Slovakia Alumna earns Fulbright to teach in Slovakia
    January 1, 2009: Major in English, minor in anthropology and go where? For Honors graduate Traci Cox ('08), who earned a highly competitive Fulbright teaching assistantship, the path led to teaching high-school students in Zilina, Slovakia.
  • The experiences that link service to learning also link JMU to the community The bridge that Community Service-Learning built
    January 1, 2009: JMU service-learning programs take academics into the community. Students assist the elderly and those with disabilities, tutor children, and support non-profit organizations. Want a meaningful academic experience? Serve, learn, repeat.
  • Pediatric dietician Dana Casendino combines nutrition and education to help parents improve kids' health Making a healthy difference
    January 1, 2009: When families want better health, pediatric dietitian Dana Casendino ('06) can help. "I often see patients who just aren't aware of proper nutrition and that can lead to various health problems," she says. Nutritional education can...
  • Ronald E. Carrier at commencement speech Ronald E. Carrier
    January 1, 2009: Many students spent evenings at Hillcrest discussing ideas with the young president over Reuben sandwiches. His accessibility and camaraderie with students led students to nickname him 'Uncle Ron.'
  • Dr. Reid Harris in lab JMU biology research lending insight into amphibian extinction crisis
    January 1, 2009: In a JMU biology department laboratory, researchers focus on a perplexing problem: why are species of frogs and salamanders disappearing in seemingly pristine areas around the world?
  • Kinsey Browning Staying where she's meant to be
    January 1, 2009: For this student, Madison Forever epitomizes JMU's welcoming spirit
  • JMU LOVE Do you have JMU LOVE?
    January 1, 2009: Alumni relations office establishes key alumni engagement program.
  • Image Placeholder Afghanistan: A national identity in constant flux
    January 1, 2009: Afghanistan: A national identity in constant flux

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