JMU's Academic Writing Contest



2007 Winners

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Social Sciences Junior/Senior Winners

Anthony Morin
"FTO Policy Briefing Book--National Liberation Army"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr.J. Peter Pham, Justice Studies

Elyse Poinsett
"Stereotypes, Persecution and Exclusion:
Marginality in Medieval Society "
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr.Frances Andrews,
Medieval History, University of St. Andrews

Sarah Lunsford
"Why Marx's 'Human Emancipation'
Is Simply Not Possible in the Real World"
(Honorable Mention)
Instructor: Dr.Ari Kohen, Justice Studies


Social Sciences Freshman/Sophomore Winners

Michael Stratmoen
"Arson on Vail Mountain:
A Case Study of the Earth Liberation Front"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr.H. Michael Gelfand, History

Andrew Fallon
"Internal Transformation:
Female Genital Mutilation and Changes"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr.Ari Kohen, Justice Studies

Eric D. Brooks
"Conglomerate Corporate Control of the Media"
(Honorable Mention)
Instructor: Aaron Noland, Communication Studies


Science Junior/Senior Winners

Kirsti Jespersen
"XEROX Corporation: An Enduring Disconnect
between Image and Identity"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr.Alice Philbin, Technical and Scientific Communication

Raphael G. Perrino
"The Boutique Operation:
Growth of a Small Tutoring Firm"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr.Alice Philbin, Technical and Scientific








Graduate Winners

Jordan Frith
"The PowerPoint Problem"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Alice Philbin, Technical and Scientific Communication

Matthew Cain
"Preempting Tyranny:
The American Executive Role 1775-1786"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr. Gabrielle Lanier, History

Timothy Madden
"Information Technology and Its Role
in Shifting Higher Education from Service to Product"
(Honorable Mention)
Instructor: Dr. Susan Kruck, Business (MBA Program)


Fine Arts Junior/Senior Winners

Carolyn Stewart
"The Dual Nature of Annunciation Symbolism"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Kathleen G. Arthur, Art History

Paul Robertson
"Obscene Music and Its Effects
on Online Music Distribution"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr. Dona Gilliam, Media Arts and Design

Ashley Spencer
"The Public Hospital for Persons
of Insane and Disordered Minds"
(Honorable Mention)
Instructor: Dr. John Ott, Art History


Fine Arts Freshman/Sophomore Winner

Kellie Wright
"A Fashionable Mockery"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. John Ott, Art History


Humanities Junior/Senior Winners

Jamie Riegel
"Hawthorne and His Women"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Joan Frederick, English

Donna Handley
"Sin and Feminine Virtue
in the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr. Joan Frederick, English

Jared Prunty
"When Our Mind Writes Checks
Our Body Cannot Cash"
(Honorable Mention)
Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Goodman, Philosophy and Religion


Humanities Freshman/Sophomore Winners

Kate Miller
"From Pirates to Producers:
The Development and Growth of Caribbean Film"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Michelle Smith-Bermiss, English

Caitlyn Plotkin
"A Critical Examination of Shared Themes
in Selected Works by John Donne and George Herbert"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Curtis Hakala, English

Beth Kimmitt
"Chief Crazy Horse Memorial:
Attempting to Make Native American History Visible"
(Honorable Mention)
Instructor: Dr. Traci Pipkins, Writing and Rhetoric


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