JMU's Academic Writing Contest



2006 Winners

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Humanities Freshman/Sophomore Winners

Jane Yu
"Never Again: A Broken Record of Political Babble"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Jean Cash, English

Kristin Andrews
"The Great Debate in Deaf Schools"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Cynthia Martin, Writing and Rhetoric


Social Sciences Junior/Senior Winners

Ben Merriman
"Naked Before the Law:
Mental Illness and the State of Exception"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Beth Eck, Sociology

Lauren Hinton
"Women and Slash Fanfiction"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr. Joseph Rumbo, Sociology


Social Sciences Freshman/Sophomore Winner

Anthony Morin
"Intervention is Prevention: An Analysis of
Post-Conflict Response Strategies"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr.Ari Kohen, Center for Liberal and Applied
Social Sciences









Graduate Winners

Kelly Baker
"Issues in Mandatory Minimum Sentencing"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Alice Philbin, Technical and Scientific Communication

Steven Dahl
"I Pledge Allegiance to What?: The History and Controversy over America's Pledge of Allegiance"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr. Gabrielle Milan Lanier, History


Fine Arts Junior/Senior Winners

Mia Wilson
"Resisting Structural and Poststructural Female Objectification: Carolee Schneeman's
'Interior Scroll'"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Sarah Warren, Art History

Lauren Childs
"Memorializing a Shadow on America's Past:
Analysis of the National Japanese American
Memorial to Patriotism"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr. John Ott, Art History


Fine Arts Freshman/Sophomore Winners

Jacob Hileman
"Elements of Japanese Primitivism in
Van Gogh's 'Cafe Terrace at Night'"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr.John Ott, Art History

Kevin Feaganes
"The Language of Autocracy:
A Statue of Gaius Caesar"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr. John Ott, Art History


Humanities Junior/Senior Winners

Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom
"Social Construction of Race
in 17th Century England"
(First Place)
Instructor: Dr. Michael Galgano, History

Kim McCray
"Pullman Porters: The Best Job in the Community,
the Worst Job on the Train"
(Second Place)
Instructor: Dr. Steven Reich, History


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