JMU's Academic Writing Contest



2005 Winners

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Humanities Freshman/Sophomore Winners

Ian Ryan
The 'Light Opera' of War:
A Somewhat Schizophrenic Look at the
Horrible Humors of War in Slaughterhouse-Five"
(First Place)

Brandon Strawn
"The Awful and Awe-Inspiring
German Language"
(Second Place)


Social Sciences Junior/Senior Winners

Sarah Barrash Wilson
"The Frank Padget Monument: A Reflection
of White Attitudes Toward Skilled Slave Labor
in Late Antebellum Rockbridge County, Virginia"
(First Place)

L. Sean Crowley
"Devil of the Airwaves:
Clear Channel and the Cultural and Socio-Political
Ramifications of Media Consolidation"
(Second Place)


Social Sciences Freshman/Sophomore Winners

Ben Merriman
"Power Play: Political Advocacy
in Anarchist Punk Music"
(First Place)

Lauren R. Cochenour
"Confession of Moral Bankruptcy"
(Second Place)



Graduate Winners

Scott G. Barrows
"'The Firing of Guns, the Shouts of the White Men, and the Screams of the Indians Was All That Could Be Heard': Samuel Brady and the Beaver Creek Blockhouse Incident"
(First Place)

Jesse B. Pappas
"Altering Human Brain Activity
with Pulsed Magnetic Fields"
(Second Place)


Fine Arts Junior/Senior Winners

Katie Canatsey
"Rubens Peale with a Geranium:
Cultivation of an Individual, a Family, and a Nation"
(First Place)

Kelly Martin
"Explaining Dali"
(Second Place)


Fine Arts Freshman/Sophomore Winner

Nancy Daly
"The Icon as a Beautiful Tool for Worship:
The Dumbarton Oaks Saint Peter Icon"
(First Place)


Humanities Junior/Senior Winners

Robin A. Smith
"Wives and Mothers Making Men:
Maternity and Masculinity in
Macbeth and Coriolanus"
(First Place)

Tina Curry
"Shakespeare's Feisty Women"
(Second Place)


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