JMU's Academic Writing Contest



2003 Winners

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Level III Winners: Graduate

Jeffrey J. Hampson, Jr.
"The Origins of Terror in Total Warfare:
Ulysses S. Grant's Campaign in Mississippi"
(First Place)

John Charles Kincheloe
"The Changing Nature of Cherokee Trade:
Cherokee and English Relations, 1673-1776"
(Second Place)

Stephanie Dupal
"Thomas Caryle's Past and Present
and the Palingenetic Re-Vision of the Chronicle"




Level I Winners:
Freshman and Sophomore

Suzanne Estes
"Winthrop's View of Thomas Paine's
Common Sense"
(First Place)

Kim Tingley
"Broader Relevance in Plath and Sexton"
(Second Place)

Mike DiCicco
"The Case For Progress"
(Third Place)


Level II Winners: Junior and Senior

Scott W. Perkins
"A Lesser of Two Evils: Iwo Jima, Okinawa,
and Truman's Decision to Drop the Bomb"
(First Place)

Zak Salih
"By Any Means Necessary:
Violence and an Active Engagement in Life
in Wright's Black Boy"
(Second Place)

Michael T. Skeen
"An Introduction to the Contract Thinking
of John Rawls:
And its Relation to the Original Position"
(Third Place)


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