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Winning Entries from the 2011 Competition

First-Year and Sophomore Honorees


Junior and Senior Honorees

  Narrative Essay  
1st Place: Katherine Dolan“Mirror, Mirror On the Wall”
for Ms. Jessica Lewis’ GWRTC 103
1st Place: Heidi SmithCrash
for Mr. Michael Smith’s WRTC 325
2nd Place: Kelsey Douglass“My Mother’s Legacy”
for Ms. Elisabeth Whitehead’s GWRTC 103
2nd Place: Vickie L. Burns“Blue is the Color of Despair”
for Ms. Sarah O’Connor’s WRTC 325
Hon. Mention: Emily Bennett“I Know of a Woman”
for Ms. Carol Del Vitto’s GWRTC 103
Hon. Mention: Emily Crothers“The Snake”
for Ms. Heather Comfort’s WRTC 295
  Research Essay—Long Form  
1st Place: Katherine Bulling“A Schism in the South: The Formation of Slave Religion”
for Dr. Steven A. Reich’s HIST 395
1st Place: Annalina Kazickas“Humanitarian Intervention, The Responsibility to Protect, and The Need to Better Protect Our Citizens”
for Dr. Robin Teske’s POSC 395
2nd Place: Jarrett Schindler“Elvis the Pelvis: An Analysis of Elvis Presley’s Relation to the Sexual Revolution, 1945-1960”
for Dr. Steven A. Reich’s HIST 395
2nd Place: Katelyn Murray“Decoding Theatricality: A Study of Early American Melodrama in the 19th Century”
for Dr. J. Chris Arndt’s HIST 395
Hon. Mention: Ross Hawkins“An Unexpected Silver Lining: The
Use of POW Labor in the Central Shenandoah Valley during World War II”

for Dr. Steven A. Reich’s HIST 395
Hon. Mention: Laura Landry“The Aztec Skull Necklace”
for Dr. John Ott’s ARTH 484
  Research Essay—Short Form  
1st Place: Brooke Covington“Only Through Men”
for Dr. Scott Lunsford’s WRTC 220
1st Place: Ian Woods“Wikileaks: The Intractable Child of Jürgen Habermas”
for Ms. Heather Comfort’s WRTC 320
2nd Place: Scott Allen Oslin“LGBT: Assimilationist, Liberationist, Humans”
for Dr. Shelley Aley’s WRTC 200
2nd Place: David Mann“The Birth of a Written Musical Language”
for Dr. Lucy Bednar’s HON 300
Hon. Mention: Jennifer Fisher“United States of Monsanto”
for Ms. Ashley Lauro’s GWRTC 103
Hon. Mention: Kelly Ostergren“Fact and Imagination in ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro’ and Big Fish
for Mr. Joseph Loyacano’s HON 300
  Hon. Mention: Helen Shibut“A Reconciliation Commission in the United States?”
for Dr. Iain Maclean REL 450
  Textual Analysis  
1st Place: Ryan Sehrer“James Joyce’s ‘Araby’: In the Dark”
for Dr. Thomas Martin’s GENG 236
1st Place: Tuba Ahmed“Suspend the ‘Sentimental’?: The Resurgence of Repressed Emotions in Woolf ’s Three Guineas
for Dr. Sian White’s ENG 410
2nd Place: Devan Maddox“Heroes In Their Own Right: Enide, Lunete, and Assertive Language”
for Dr. Dabney Bankert’s ENG 311
2nd Place: Becca Chen“Villa-Lobos at the Semana de Arte Moderna: An Examination of Andrade’s Modernist Traits in the Music of Villa-Lobos”
for Dr. Pedro Aponte’s MUS 480
Hon. Mention: Leanna Smithberger“Zombie Consumerism - An Analysis of Consumer Culture in White Noise by Don DeLillo”
for Mr. Joseph Loyacano’s GENG 248

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