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Winning Entries from the 2010 Competition

First-Year and Sophomore Honorees


Junior and Senior Honorees

  Narrative Essay  
1st Place: Maria X“Adventures in Narnia”
for Ms. Daisy Breneman’s GWRTC 103
1st Place: Evan McGrew“The Man from Large”
for Ms. Erin Lambert’s WRTC 400
2nd Place: Stacey J. Chapman“Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I Will Fear no Bully”
for Ms. Elisabeth Whitehead’s GWRTC 103
2nd Place: Charlotte Sohr“Meat Me at T & E”
for Ms. Erica Bleeg’s ENG 496
Hon. Mention: Laura Jean Gass—“Wish You Were Here”
for Ms. Daisy Breneman’s GHUM 200
Hon. Mention: Katie Hirtz“Wednesdays at the Bungalow”
for Ms. Erica Bleeg’s ENG 496
Hon. Mention: Hannah Spurrier“Dealing with the Truth”
for Ms. Elisabeth Whitehead’s GWRTC 103
Hon. Mention: Jared Schaubert—“The End of Lake Time”
for Ms. Erica Bleeg’s ENG 391
  Research Essay—Long Form  
1st Place: Mary Ann Mason“The Double-Edge Sword:
Religion and Feminism”

for Dr. J. Chris Arndt’s HIST 395
1st Place: Katie McKinney—“Heaven Awaits Those Who Fight: The Impact of the American Civil War on Attitudes Towards Death”
for Dr. Skip Hyser’s HIST 395
2nd Place: Bryan Brady“The Primary Causes of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-5”
for Dr. M. Louise Loe’s HIST 386
2nd Place: Eric LaFreniere“An Awe-ful Integrity: The Science-Fiction Horror of H. P. Lovecraft”
for Dr. Michael Klein’s IS 498
Hon. Mention: Emily Keller“Webbed: The Nearly Inescapable Trap That Is World of Warcraft”
for Dr. Scott Vollum’s JUST 322
Hon. Mention: Ginny Wescott“Mother-Daughter Dyads: Exploring Communication About Sexual Encounters”
for Dr. Melissa Aleman’s SCOM 385
  Research Essay—Short Form  
1st Place: Devan Maddox“Effects of Slavery on the Psyche of Motherhood”
for Dr. Mary Thompson’s ENG 299
1st Place: Angela L. Walthall—“Social Unrest, Public Opinion, and Misrepresentations in the Press of the French Revolution”
for Dr. Mary Gayne’s HIST 489
2nd Place: Truman Horwitz“The Regulatory Scheme of the Mining Industry”
for Dr. Amanda Cleveland’s PPA 265
2nd Place: Laura Bock“End Focus of the Sarabande in the Passions of J. S. Bach”
for Dr. Jonathan Gibson’s MUS 480
Hon. Mention: Devon Brzezynski“Uni in the UK”
for Dr. James Zimmerman’s GWRTC 103
Hon. Mention: Taylor Lepine“The Space Between: The Effect of Rhetorical Power and Silence on Women’s Roles in the Church”
for Dr. Scott Lunsford’s WRTC 220
Hon. Mention: Michele Mannino“Similes About Writing: Lessons Learned by a Researcher”
for Dr. Elisabeth Gumnior’s GWRTC 103
  Textual Analysis  
1st Place: Fanaye Gessesse—“Shadowing the Authors: The Lives and Works of Sonia Sanchez and Dolores Kendrick”
for Dr. Joanne Gabbin’s GENG 260
1st Place: Chelsea Gutshall“Bella Who? Anti-Feminist Messages in Stephanie Meyer’s Eclipse
for Dr. Brian Kaylor’s SCOM 381
2nd Place: Andrew Quarles“A Study of ‘A View of the Mountain Pass Called the Notch of the White Mountains (Crawford Notch)’ by Thomas Cole”
for Dr. John Ott’s GARTH 206
2nd Place: Joseph Wade Vanover“‘Room of Theories’: Writing, Terror, and the Narrative of Isolation in Don DeLillo’s Libra, Mao II, and Falling Man
for Dr. Richard Gaughran’s ENG 410
Hon. Mention: Ashley Parrales“NASCAR: A Culture in Itself ”
for Dr. Kevin Borg’s HIST 326
Hon. Mention: Gabrielle Piccininni“Mirroring of External and Internal Worlds in The Life of Timon of Athens
for Dr. Mark Rankin’s ENG 456
Hon. Mention: Courtney Rutledge“Shakespeare and Julius Caesar: Political Propaganda”
for Dr. Mark Rankin’s ENG 456

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