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Medieval and Renaissance Studies


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Intermediate Courses

ANTH 333 Celts, Vikings, and Tribal Europe 3 credits
ARTH 313 Masterpieces of Italian Renaissance Art 3 credits
ARTH 320 Travel Study in Art History (when topic is Studies in Fresco Preservation) 3 credits
ENG 302* Special Topics in Literature and Language 3 credits
ENG 311 Medieval Literature and Culture 3 credits
ENG 313 Sixteenth-Century British Literature 3 credits
ENG 315 Seventeenth-Century British Literature 3 credits
ENG 316 Early Modern Drama 3 credits
ENG 317 Shakespeare's Tragedies and Romances 3 credits
ENG 318 Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories 3 credits
HIST 383 Early England 3 credits
MUAP 380 Collegium Musicum 3 credits
PHIL 342 Medieval Philosophy 3 credits
POSC 310 Political Theory: Ancient to Early Modern 3 credits
REL 300* Selected Topics in Religion 3 credits
REL 305 Islamic Religious Tradition 3 credits
REL 360 History of Western Religious Thought 3 credits
Courses with an asterisk will count toward the minor only if their content is focused on the medieval and/or renaissance periods.