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Medieval and Renaissance Studies


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Dr. Dabney Bankert (Professor of English)

Dr. Charles Bolyard
(Associate Professor of Philosophy)

Dr. Sarah Brooks
(Associate Professor of Art History)

Dr. Jack Butt
(Professor of History)

Dr. Peter Eubanks
(Assistant Professor of Foreign Language, Literatures and Cultures; Minor Coordinator)

Dr. Marina Favila
(Associate Professor of English)

Dr. Giuliana Fazzion
(Professor of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)

Dr. Timothy Fitzgerald
(Assistant Professor of History)

Dr. Michael Galgano (Professor of History)

Dr. Mary Gayne (Associate Professor of History)

Dr. Jonathan Gibson
(Associate Professor of Music)

Dr. Robert Goebel (Professor of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures)

Dr. Scott Hammond (Professor of Political Science)

Dr. Yongguang Hu (Assistant Professor of History)

Dr. Bruce Johnson (Professor of English)

Dr. Iain Maclean (Professor of Religion)

Dr. Michael Norton (Associate Professor of Music)

Dr. Mark Rankin (Associate Professor of English)

Dr. Alison Sandman (Associate Professor of History)