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Welcome to The Madison Business Network!

The Madison Business Network was created as the result of increasing interest in new company formation, innovation, and peer-to-peer connections throughout James Madison University and its alumni base.

The nationwide network connects individuals who have innovative ideas, technologies, and strategies with people who can be of assistance. The network targets JMU faculty, staff, alums, and professionals in the region. 

The goal of the network is to encourage and promote innovation, business development, job creation, entrepreneurship, and career mentoring.

Network Partners

Spearheading the network are Mary Ann Alger, JMU First Lady and Business Coach; Mary Lou Bourne, Office of Technology Transfer; Carol Hamilton, Center for Entrepreneurship; and Joyce Krech, Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center.


The goal of the Madison Business Network is to encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations in entrepreneurship, innovation, business development, job creation and career mentoring across and beyond the campus of James Madison University.