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Volume 3

On Dealing with Life by Dylan Owens

"Sometimes, life isn't about getting what you want; it's about surviving what you don't want."

On Wordsmithing and Chaplin and the Misplacement of the Soul by Jackie Brennan

"I know few things so disconcerting as a misplaced soul. How the hell does a soul go about defecting from our custody? What do we do to inspire it thus, to make it feel so estranged and unwelcome?"

The Writer's Room: From Coffee Shop to Small Screen by Tyler Morris

"All writers are in a relationship. A fiery, romantic, passionate relationship—with their characters, of course."

Confessions of a Part-time Baker by Bea Chua

"But fate has a reward system. For all those rude customers, long hours, crappy managers, and painful feet, fate gives you something in return. It’s impossible to tell when, but if you do your part, log in enough hours of misery, you eventually—inevitably?—reap the benefits."

Candy Crush Saga and Society: How One Game Has Exploited Our Technological Dependence to Achieve Unprecedented Success by Peter Belechak

"Candy Crush is a masterpiece...but it is making society forget how to lose."

Art for Consumers' Sake by Katherine Sederstrom

"Nine look like artistic photographs that suggest something enlightening about the human condition, but they literally and figuratively point to the glory of Nine West shoes."

The Impact of Sports Metaphors on the Media and Public Sphere by Daniel Vieth

"One of the problems with this overuse of sports metaphors is that the public starts to lose focus of the candidates’ platforms and positions, looking instead to how well they are doing in the polls."

A Healthy Mind by Stephanie Pasewaldt

"A healthy mind imprisoned by an impaired body can break a person. It can suck the life out of them—but only if they let it."

Life, Death, and Somewhere in Between by Giuliana Macaluso

"Life support creates a vague, artificial state of being that lies somewhere between life and death, complicating situations that would have otherwise been natural."

L.E.G.O.: Leave Everyone's Gender Out by Kristen Baker and Marta Vucci

" providing full walls and already assembled objects in these sets[,] Lego assumes that girls do not want to build their own worlds and thus takes away that essential element from Lego Friends completely, inhibiting girls’ creativity and sense of 'self-discovery'..."

Dog Food: Cooking as a JMU Student by Eryn Mann

"One of the trickiest parts of striking out on your own is sticking to a budget. No mom or dad to say 'No!' to buying Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, Doritos, Blue Bunny ice cream, and loaded potato skins all at once!"

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