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Volume 2

A Crocodile's Touch: Tactile Communication in Humans and Crocodiles

Mackenzie Kelley takes a deeper look into a distinct biological feature of crocodiles, the ridges and bumps on their skin, and concludes that these reptiles may be more like humans than we would ever suppose.

Students Silenced: Limiting Free Speech in High School Newspapers

Mackenzie Kelley provides an intriguing analysis of the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier Supreme Court Decision through a case study format.

Just Say It

Sean Townsend offers an interesting indictment of media censorship with a focus on the comedic absurdities of censoring language in an original video.

Multicultural Twitter Censorship

Emily Hudson examines Twitter's policy of micro-censorship, ultimately arguing that such a policy has helped Twitter become a multicultural, global company.

Accents and Ebonics: When the Hood Goes to College
Taylor Callwood investigates prejudices that society associates with dialects and discovers that, on first impression, college students tend to associate ebonics dialects with lower intelligence.

Diminishing Hierarchies: Mental & Physical Illnesses Put into Perspective
Rachel Knotts compares the social treatment of illnesses we can visibly see versus those we cannot, posing a provoking observation: society has created two separate views regarding the care for mental and physical illnesses.

Sing It To Win It
Jennifer Morgan explores the importance of music in political campaigns and notes that politicians who compile a campaign soundtrack that exemplifies their ideals and attracts a broad voter demographic is usuallymore successful than those who do not.

Existentialism: Its Evolution and How It Applies Today

Daniel Vieth explores the meaning of existentialism, accomplished through discussion of philosophy and modern examples, such as The Matrix.


Tommy Sheffield offers a glimpse into a day in the life of Fort Cabral, a rather unfortunate individual who experiences a very bad day.

Suppression and Appraisal: Latrinalia as Obscene Art

Tommy Sheffield creates a pervasive, cogent argument for the rhetorical significance and legitimacy of latrinalia, or bathroom graffitti, as a form of rhetorical discourse.

Intimate Partner Violence: An Epidemic

Charity O'Connor inspires education and action in this infographic that presents statistics on the prevalence of sexual assault in romantic relationships.

Casual Fridays

Charity O'Connor creates a playful, yet collegiate font suitable to titles and headings.

A Trans-Canadian Expedition

Jackie Brennan writes an original grant proposal, requesting funding to support a research expedition across the Canada wild.

Black Tie

Colleen Lentile creates a feature spread that offers sophistication in its minimalist design and its use of a black, white, and gold color theme.

Winter's Wake

Nikki Madures crafts a vivid description that transports the reader into the serenity of a snowy day. 

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