Volume 1                                                                   Spring 2013








Editorial Board

Senior Editors

Camille Corum, Editor-in-Chief
Casey Coughlin, GWRTC Editor
Brooke Covington, GWRTC Editor
Erica Holsclaw, Writing/Rhetoric Editor
Michele Patena, Technical & Scientific Communication Editor

Editorial Assistants

Jessica Arienti
Emily Bennett
Brittany Frye
Emma Maiorana
Chelsea Mann
Christiana McGuigan
Kiteley Newton
Sam Patteson
Nick Rooney
Eliza Seibert
Sarah Stacy
Kathryn Straub
Ryan Waldron

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Become an Editor

Editors are responsible for reviewing submissions, making publication decisions, copy editing, and working with writers to prepare their texts for publication.

Editors enroll in WRTC 328: Practicum, which awards 1 credit in the fall and 2 credits in the spring.

To apply to become an editor, send a writing sample and the name of a faculty reference to lexia@jmu.edu.

For more information, contact Cynthia Martin.