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Spring 2018

ARTH 484 Art of the Americas (John Ott)
HUM 252 Global Cultures: Latin American Cultures (William Van Norman)
HUM 252 Global Cultures: Brazilian Culture (Valnora Leister)
POSC 350 Latin American Politics (Charles Blake)
SPAN 300 Spanish Grammar and Communication (Elizabeth Castro; Samuel Hernández; John Tkac)
SPAN 308 Latin American Civilization (Tomás Regalado-López)
SPAN 320 Spanish Oral and Written Communication (Samuel Hernández; Jennifer Lang-Rigal; Lucy Morris)
SPAN 330 Business Spanish (Verónica Haun)
SPAN 395 Spanish American Poetry (Tomás Regalado-López)

All minors must attain proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese or French at or above the intermediate level. This requirement is in addition to the 18 credit hours that must be completed for the minor.
*Requires a course substitution form to be filled out by the LACS Coordinator.

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