Curt Dvonch

Student Profile - Curt Dvonch ('08)

Integrated science and technology major
Gauldin Endowed Scholarship

When I received the Gauldin Endowed Scholarship, I became more motivated to work hard because I was no longer working only for myself. I felt that I needed to justify Mrs. Elizabeth Gauldin's ('50) support, and that gave me the extra motivation that I needed to succeed. The support from a pioneering, retired NASA scientist improved my confidence, prompting me to apply for a highly competitive NASA -sponsored summer fellowship. I was very surprised when I was accepted and spent the summer of 2007 doing atmospheric science at Los Alamos National Laboratory under Dr. Thomas Rahn, who asked me to return after graduation. I have been working with him for the past five months, and I will continue working here at Los Alamos until I start graduate school in the fall of 2009. Even now, knowing that Mrs. Gauldin believed in me enough to offer financial support and continues to believe in me after graduation is a great motivator and confidence boost. I am very thankful to Mrs. Gauldin, and I will carry on the endowment tradition as soon as I am able.