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Why is a general education program useful?

When is the office open?

During the school year, the GenEd office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30a - 5:00p. Closed for lunch from 12:00-12:30.



Distinguished Teacher Award 2016

Dr. Kathleen Ferraiolo is the recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Teacher Award

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Why take GenEds? Because our faculty ROCK!


Meet JMU’s award-winning ‘Professor D,’ Kim Duvall: “I love when they say, ‘This is the greatest course; I didn't know I could get this from a GenEd.’ For many students, this will be the only introduction they will have to the field of psychology. . . . Humans are fascinating!”


Meet Shanil Virani, director of the JMU planetarium and physics professor: “Why should GenEd students take these classes? To stoke their innate curiosity—[to know] they can have basic, fundamental questions about the universe, their role in it, but also a toolbox to answer their questions.”