IVS Board Member; Assistant Professor of Engineering


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PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University in 2010
MS in Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2006
BS in Mechanical Engineering from Trine University in 2005

Dr. Nagel joined the JMU Department of Engineering in 2010 after completing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University.  Dr. Nagel’s graduate work explored error-prone, human-centric activities as opportunities for automation.  As a graduate student, Dr. Nagel performed systems analysis research with the US Army Chemical Corps, the US Air Force Academy, and General Motors Research and Development.   

Dr. Nagel’s specialization is design theory and methodology.  Specifically, his research interests include understanding customer needs, functional and process modeling, and failure analysis, design for sustainability, design of mechatronic systems, and systems integration.

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