The Studio Seminar in Visual Studies is a multidisciplinary team-taught course that will help motivated students understand the ways in which images function in the world.  As core offerings of the Institute for Visual Studies, these classes are designed to create conditions for innovation, and to forge a committed learning community in which students and faculty from different disciplines work closely together on significant projects.

To generate this new kind of educational experience, one that is more intense, independent, and collaborative, class size is set at sixteen, with enrollment by permission of the two instructors.

Each studio seminar explores a topical focus determined by the instructors. Two studio seminars are offered each year, one in the fall and one in the spring, in order to create an active learning community that will make full use of the IVS laboratory studio. Semester courses also ensure that selective year-long learning experiences can be offered.




Religion and Animals in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Fall 2018: Tuesday and Thursdays 2:00-3:15pm

INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Wren Stevens and Dr. Frances Flannery

DAYS/ TIME: T/TH 2:30AM - 3:45PM
LOCATION: Institute for Visual Studies, Roop 208


This course will introduce students to religions in several cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and adjacent world through the lens of material artifacts and ancient texts.  The co-teachers will provide a general history of the ancient Mediterranean world from 2000 BCE to 200 CE, with focus on artifacts from the Madison Art Collection drawn from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Levant, Greece, and Rome.  Religions include: Israelite religion; Egyptian religion; Ancient Mesopotamian religion (Babylon); Early Judaism; Hellenism; Greek Religion; Roman Religion; and Early Christianity.

See the syllabus HERE.

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