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The Studio Seminar in Visual Studies is a multidisciplinary team-taught course that will help motivated students understand the ways in which images function in the world. Faculty members from departments throughout the university are encouraged to develop joint course proposals. As core offerings of the Institute for Visual Studies, these classes are designed to create conditions for innovation, and to forge a committed learning community in which students and faculty from different disciplines work closely together on significant projects. To generate this new kind of educational experience, one that is more intense, independent, and collaborative, class size is set at sixteen, with enrollment by permission of the two instructors. Each section of the studio seminar will explore a topical focus determined by the team of instructors. Eventually, at least two sections of the class will be offered each semester in order to create an active learning community that will make full use of the IVS laboratory studio. Multiple sections will also ensure that selective year-long learning experiences can be offered. Given the limited resources and programmatic concerns of individual departments, course release funding for the studio seminars is provided through the IVS. If you have ideas for an IVS course, please download our detailed Call for Course Proposals here.

Studio Seminar for spring 2012:

Representing Disabilities

Previous Studio Seminar Courses:

Problem Solving in Virtual Worlds

Writing and Illustrating Literature

Re-thinking, Re-envisioning and Re-designing Environment(s)

Environmental Design

Examples of Student Projects:

Environmental Design Powerpoints

Math and Art: Beautiful Rigor 

Philosophical and Psychological Aesthetics 

Image + Text: The Art of Persuasion 

Scientific Visualization and Animation 

Aesthetics of Visualization 

Worlds of Maps

Other IVS Projects:

Photography and Language ELL Workshop