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IdLS is the required content-area major for Inclusive Early Childhood (birth – 3rd grade), Elementary (PK-6th grade), and Middle Grades (6th - 8th grade) undergraduate pre- professional programs. IdLS is also the recommended content-area major for Special Education (K-12th grade).

The IDLS major ensures classroom teachers have appropriate subject-area knowledge to work with young students. Our curriculum meets Virginia teacher competencies by providing breadth and integration across the content areas of English and language arts, history, social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, and technology.

Students declaring the IDLS major must also declare a minor in one of the teacher education programs listed below. IDLS major requirements vary by the minor you choose, so please review major and minor program requirements with your IDLS and education advisors. (In the unusual circumstance that a student exits the education licensure program late in his/her college career, the IDLS director may permit the student to complete the IDLS degree with the addition of an appropriate minor.)

Teacher Education Minors
Summer and Fall 2019 Approved Concentration Courses
SU19 Upper-Level Concentration Courses
FA19 Upper-Level Concentration H & SS*
FA19 Upper-Level Concentration M/S/T

Before enrolling on MyMadison, note the specific section number of the course (not all sections of the same course are approved), the track for which the course is appropriate, and any prerequisite notes.

*Updates are likely throughout Fall enrollment week, so please use information posted here the day of your enrollment period. Thank you!

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