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November is Move It, JMU! Month

The benefits of our modern and efficient world do not come without a cost. For many of us, that cost is an excessively sedentary lifestyle. With long hours at our desks, commutes and relaxing at home in front of TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones, many of us spend 8 hours or more sitting each day – that’s more time than most of us spend sleeping! And, it may be surprising that the latest research shows that even a dedicated exerciser cannot make up for the negative effects of sitting all day with a daily workout. Inactivity isn’t only expanding our waistlines and draining our energy, it is literally killing us. It’s time to find a better balance between time on our feet and time on our rears.

CommonHealth wants you to MOVE IT JMU! Don’t just sit, GET FIT! Join us for our latest campaign and learn fun and practical ways to get moving more and living your best!

During the month of November, we are encouraging all JMU faculty and staff to find snippets of time throughout their workday to move more.  Submit a photo of what you did that day to be more active to to be entered in a contest.  You may submit 1 photo per day of your activity; each photo grants you an entry.  The winner will receive a 45 minute massage at UREC!



Walking Tips

Starting an Exercise Habit

Activity Tips

7-Minute Workout
this can be done in your office, you just need a chair!

UREC Classes
several classes offered before and after work...
or try taking a class on your lunch break!

Ideas To Get Moving
  • Stand up at your desk periodically during the day
  • Use a printer that requires you to get out of your chair in order to get your papers
  • Take the steps instead of the elevator
  • Park in a different parking lot that is farther away from your office
  • Use the bathroom on a different floor of your building
  • Get up and talk to your co-worker rather than email
  • Stand up to talk every time you are on your phone
  • Take a short walk on your lunch break
  • If you need to have a meeting with someone, consider a walking meeting

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