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Prestigious National Scholarships

Prestigious Scholarships

Dr. Melinda Adams
(540) 568-6526
Hillcrest 202

The Honors Program coordinates applications from JMU students for nationally competitive scholarships. Many of the most prestigious awards require JMU nomination or coordination either through the Honors Program or through other JMU units. Please note that our list of scholarships is not comprehensive of all awards that you should consider. Scholarships not listed include: JMU scholarships, state scholarships, need-based scholarships, and most scholarships below $5000. The awards listed here represent a select number of nationally competitive scholarships that represent significant funding and recognition for the student and require long-term planning and preparation.

If you are thinking about applying for a scholarship, please schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Melinda Adams, JMU's Prestigious Scholarships Coordinator. Dr. Adams will help you learn about national scholarship opportunities and guide you through the application process. Also feel free to stop by to see Dr. Adams if you have any questions about any of these scholarships or would just like to talk about possible opportunities. These scholarships are extremely competitive, so it is a good idea to begin the process as early as possible--even a year or more in advance.

Prestigious National Scholarship Recipients

The following JMU students are past recipients of prestigious national scholarships.


Honorable Mentions

  • 2013: Carly Starke
  • 2012: Alisa Leavesley
  • 2008: Jeremy Harris
  • 2008: Rachel Mutnick 
Freeman-Asia Program
  • 2008: Adam Carpenter, Japan