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Designated Honors Sections

Honors offers faculty the opportunity to teach special Honors sections of regularly offered university courses. Characteristics of Honors sections are as follows:

  • Can be a Gen Ed course or a departmental required or elective course
  • Class size is limited to 20 students
  • Honors sections are designated by an "H" at the end of the course number (ex. GISAT 113H)
  • Allows faculty to go deeper into the course material and incorporate innovative teaching techniques
  • Does NOT necessarily require more deliverable work from faculty or students. Rather the emphasis is on building habits of critical thinking, communication, creative expression, independent thought, and deeper intellectual inquiry

Proposal Process

Honors sections are handled within the department in which the regular course originates. Proposals should not be directed to the Honors Program. Faculty should contact their departmental course administrators about teaching an Honors section.