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Honors Option

The Honors option allows students to earn Honors credit for a non-Honors upper level course (200 or above) that is not regularly offered as an Honors course. It consists of an agreement between an Honors student and a professor that the student will complete an additional or enhanced assignment in a non-Honors course. 

  1. Student and faculty member meet within the first two weeks of class and agree on a set of requirements that would qualify the course for Honors credit.
  2. Student completes the Honors option form with signatures from both student and faculty member and submit to the Honors Program Office for approval. (Due to the volume of Honors options submitted each semester, students are only notified if it is NOT approved.)
  3. At the end of the semester, the faculty member reports to the Honors Office the successful completion of the Honors option and the Office of the Registrar is directed to award the student Honors credit for the course.

Designing an Honors Option
General Considerations
  • Value added: How might this Honors student add value to your content or process?
  • Deeper learning: Go deeper, think more critically into a new or pre-existing assignment 
  • Lead class discussion on a topic of particular interest
  • Complete an extra or extended paper or project
  • Complete readings for tutorial sessions
  • Keep an academic journal
  • Interview appropriate professionals
  • Do a challenging lab experiment or observation
  • Create a computer program related to course content
  • Apply the principles of the course through volunteer service
  • Compare and contrast two perspectives or events
  • Create visual representations (graphic organizers, 3D models, photographs, etc.) of concepts or processes

Further examples of Honors option projects organized by college.

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