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Honors Seminars

Honors seminars are unique to the Honors Program. They explore complex topics that deal with contemporary issues in society, multicultural and comparative studies, and advanced applications in business and the natural and social sciences. All Track I and II Honors students must complete two Honors seminars.

Topics for Honors seminars may be proposed by faculty, students or Honors Program staff and must be approved by the Honors Program Committee. The seminars carry an HON prefix (e.g., HON 200) and are offered at the 200 and 300 levels. It is assumed that 200-level seminars are approachable by all Honors students and 300-level seminars demand some prior university academic experience. Some may--with permission from the student's major adviser or program head--be substituted for an elective in the student's major.

Seminars are designed to be fairly flexible small classes that may reflect unique, sometimes experimental, styles of teaching. Seminars are always interdisciplinary and may be team-taught by faculty from different departments or disciplines. The content of seminars may include extensive readings in original sources, creative writing, analysis of current information from various media, community involvement, trips off campus, involvement with guest speakers and artists and, most certainly, discussions. As defined, a seminar is "a small group of advanced students engaged in special study or original research."

Descriptions of Honors Seminars

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