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or contact:
(540) 568-6503. Walk-ins are available on a first come, first served basis; appointments are encouraged.

Advising Office: Hillcrest 201

Shenandoah Hall Office Hours:
Tuesdays 3-5 PM, Fridays 12-3 PM


Honors Curriculum Guide: Track I
Honors Curriculum Guide: Track II
Four Year Curriculum Plan (PC)
Four Year Curriculum Plan (Mac)
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Career & Academic Planning
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Honors Advising

The Honors Program provides specialized academic advising to current and prospective JMU Honors students. All new first year Honors students are advised by a Freshman Honors Faculty Advisor during their first semester at JMU. Beginning in the second semester, students transition to their major advisors and to the Honors Academic Advisor.

Role of the Honors Advisor

The Honors Advisor provides detailed information about the Honors Program and works closely with students to integrate Honors, General Education, and major and minor requirements. The Honors Advisor does not replace the advising that students receive from their major advisor(s). Rather, the Honors Advisor serves as the primary contact for all Honors-related questions and concerns and as an additional resource for other academic and university matters.

The Honors Advisor provides information and assistance with the following:

  • Explaining requirements for Honors, General Education, and degree programs
  • Academic planning and decision-making
  • Understanding how academic decisions can affect progress towards meeting graduation requirements
  • Referring students to campus resources as needed
  • Guiding academic choices with regard to long-term academic and career goals

While the Honors Advisor can be an invaluable resource to students, final decisions about choice of major, course selection, and fulfillment of all graduation requirements belong to the student.

Four Year Curriculum Plan

Honors students are encouraged to fill out a Four Year Curriculum Plan early in their academic careers and to continue updating it as often as possible. By projecting which courses a student will need to take every semester until all requirements are fulfilled, the curriculum plan helps students visualize how General Education, major, minor, and Honors requirements might fit together over the course of four years at JMU. It is specific to each student and is reflective of individual majors and minors, transfer coursework, extracurriculars, and future goals.

Curriculum plans are not meant to be binding documents. Rather, they are flexible guides that help students determine what is achievable and plan for the future. Be prepared to change your plan frequently as you learn about new opportunities, adjust according to course availability, and discuss your progress with your major advisor(s) and Honors Faculty Liaisons