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JMU is currently ranked #6 in the nation for "Best Campus Food", so it is definitely worth while to explore the dining halls while you are here. It can be overwhelming to try and learn a new schools dining system, so here are some tips for navigating JMU dining.

Flex vs. Dining Dollars vs. Meal Punches.

  • Flex
    • Flex is money you put on your JACard and then can be used similarly to a debit card. Flex can be spent at all dining halls and several places off campus. There is a 5% discount on dining purchases on campus when you use your Flex account. Money on Flex will roll over between semesters and academic years, but will expire after two semesters of account inactivity.
  • Dining Dollars
    • Dining Dollars are either part of the meal plan you purchase, or can be added separately in a Dining Dollars GOLD account. The benefit of using dining dollars over Flex is that you get a 5% discount and no sales tax on dining purchases on campus. Dining dollars that are part of a meal plan expire at the end of the semester they were purchased. Dining Dollars GOLD work the same as a Flex account in terms of expiration.
  • Meal Punches
    • Meal Punches can be used at most dining locations. In an all you can eat setting they allow you entrance to the dining hall, in an a la carte setting, there is a cash equivalent to a punch that can be used to purchase items.

Explore which dining locations are convenient for you on campus!

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