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Search for a GenEd class by an area within the cluster

Cluster designator codes for e-campus search by GenEd Cluster

Students can now search for General Education courses by areas within each Cluster from the General Education Checklist.  Click here to view the GenEd Checklist.   

GenEd Cluster Description

Search Code

Cluster One Critical Thinking


Cluster One Human Communication


Cluster One Writing


Cluster Two Human Questions and Contexts


Cluster Two Visual and Performing Arts


Cluster Two Literature


Cluster Three Track 1 Group 1


Cluster Three Track 1 Group 2


Cluster Three Track 1 Group 3


Cluster Three Track 1 Lab


Cluster Three Track 2


Cluster Four The American Experience


Cluster Four The Global Experience


Cluster Five Wellness


Cluster Five Sociocultural Dimension



  1.  Click on the “Additional Search Criteria” link.



2.  To search for all open classes in a specific area of a cluser, type the search code in the Course Ttiel Keywork field.  A list of the codes is available by clicking “here” in Click here for the list of codes to search by GenEd Cluster.


3.   A list of all open courses in the specified cluster will be returned.