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Recycling/Waste Management

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In all of its operations, JMU FM uses the 6Rs as a guiding principle towards waste: rethink, reduce, reuse, repair/restore, redistribute, and recycle.

Recycling and composting service at JMU has changed! Where you place your items has also changed.  

  • Composting service is available at many dining facilities on campus. Please place only food in containers labeled "Food" or "Compost."
  • Compostable food serviceware such as plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, and napkins should be placed in a container labeled "Trash" or "Landfill."
  • For recycling and landfill containers, please carefully follow the signs. Incorrectly placing food, compostable containers, or other materials in the recycling container can result in the entire truckload of recyclables being sent to landfill.
  • Separate containers for recycling paper and paper products are available in all buildings.  Contact to obtain a deskside container or a locked container and shredding service.
  • When in doubt, throw it out, and then send a question to so JMU Recycling/Waste Management can provide you with directions for the next time.

It is not possible to include every item on the signs, especially those from national brands and off campus. If you have a question, likely others will as well, and contacting us helps us improve our communications.

 Learn more about how you can properly place your items in recycling containers by clicking each link below.

paper           paper           electronics                       food           Landfill

Surplus Property Program

While personally-owned small electronic items can be placed by residents in bins in the residence halls, JMU-owned electronic property needs to be transferred to JMU’s Surplus Property program. In this program, working electronic equipment will be offered to other departments on campus. If equipment is not able to be reused internally, Surplus Property staff will offer the equipment to other state agencies, localities and approved non-profits. Any remaining equipment is offered for sale to the general public through If surplused equipment does not sell, items will then be recycled through JMU Recycling. If electronic equipment is non-functional, departments should contact JMU Recycling for proper handling and pick up. To transfer items to the Surplus Property program, an EICR form is required for each surplused item.

Request Service

For any Recycling and Waste Management requests or inquiries, please call JMU Recycling at 540-830-0177, 540-568-6074 or email

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