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Prospective Students

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Prospective Students

Successful students in the European Union Policy Studies graduate program are open to other cultures, invigorated by life in Europe, and committed to building productive and meaningful careers. Candidates for the program should be adaptable, comfortable interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds, enthusiastic about global policy issues, and intrigued by European approaches to contemporary challenges. Students with prior experiences or interests in political science, international relations, history, economics, and public policy will have a strong foundation for the program, but there is no pre-requisite undergraduate major.

EUPS students do not simply learn about the European Union, its institutions, and its cultures. They also learn about specific EU member states. Students with a particular interest in developing their political, economic, and/or cultural knowledge of a particular member state, prospective member state, or region of the European Union are encouraged to apply, as are students with an interest in understanding particular EU policies. The EUPS program provides students with many opportunities to improve their analytical writing ability, presentation skills, research capabilities, foreign language abilities, and broad intercultural competencies.

Students who apply to the program should be able to demonstrate some knowledge of an EU language. Students should also be ready to continue their language studies. Italian language instruction is provided in the fall and spring semesters. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this instruction in order to make the most of their experience.