In the spring semester, students undertake specialized public policy studies, exploring in greater detail issues and policies raised in the core curriculum in the fall. All students declare a policy track of specialization in (a) economic and social policy or (b) foreign policy and internal security. Policy-making and application is integrated into all spring semester courses. All students complete the following coursework:

POSC 640 Policy Analysis and the European Union

This course offers an intensive immersion into the methods and concepts of policy analysis, with emphasis on applications involving European affairs. It introduces students to various techniques in policy forecasting, monitoring, and evaluation while discussing their potential application to policy decision-making, policy advocacy, and policy implementation. Students apply those techniques in case-based projects.

Depending on their policy track of specialization, students will either enroll in POSC 641 or POSC 642:

POSC 641 Topics in Economic and Social Policy

In-depth exploration of specialized topics in EU economic and social policy. The topics for each semester will vary and may include the single market, economic and monetary union, competition policy, social policy, agricultural policy, regional policy, environmental policy, energy policy, and research and development policy.

POSC 642 Topics in Foreign Policy and Internal Security

In-depth exploration of specialized topics in EU foreign policy and internal security. The topics for each semester will vary and may include European foreign policy, European security and defense policy, police and judicial cooperation, immigration and asylum, and efforts to combat organized crime.

POSC 643 The Transatlantic Relationship and the Challenges of Globalization

This course analyzes the connections between North America and Europe. It examines the transatlantic trade and investment relationship, the transatlantic security relationship, US/EU approaches to specific global challenges and governance regimes, and the ways that developments in other world regions affect transatlantic dynamics. Students pursue transatlantic topics of interest within the policy track of specialization.

POSC 644 Research in Policy Dynamics

This course involves scrutiny of policy proposals from their conception through their ultimate fate. Students gain familiarity with specialized databases in multiple policy-making systems. The course promotes familiarity with alternative ways of conceptualizing, organizing, publicizing, and tracking the evolution of policy proposals and policy-relevant data.

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