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How to Contribute to the Engineering Department

(All contributions are tax deductible)

There are many ways you can support the Engineering Department at James Madison University.


  • Support departmental organizations, awards, and engineering projects.
  • Recruit outstanding students and faculty
  • Nurture the Madison Engineer culture across campus and beyond
  • Expand our outreach to the next generation of engineers currently in K-12.
  • Increase the availability of merit and need-based scholarships.
  • Fund seminars and help bring in world-renowned speakers.
  • Offer travel assistance for students and faculty to share their work with the world.

Department of Engineering
The Madison Engineer learns engineering by doing engineering; but our novel curriculum requires considerable resources to help students engage in more relevant and meaningful engineering design, research, and service learning projects. Each year, we expect Madison Engineering students to contribute their skills and knowledge to the solution of real problems facing society and industry. From the Freshman Design Experience to three years of Engineering Design to instant Design Challenges to our year-end Design Symposium, our students are immersed in a culture where they are expected to ideate, design, and prototype real engineering products, services and processes. We welcome donations that could be used to help support materials and awards for these experiences. By participating in these types of projects, many of our students will also qualify to present their work at regional or national engineering conferences. We welcome donations that can be used to help defray the cost of project team travel. The faculty, students, and staff of the JMU Department of Engineering would like to thank you in advance for any support you can provide for these important and transformative student experiences.

Engineering Student Projects
Hands-on student projects are the lifeblood of JMU’s innovative engineering program. That’s because it takes engineers who are engaged with the world to innovate solutions to critical human problems and do it with a fundamental understanding of the environment in which those solutions must be implemented.
Your gift to engineering will provide the financial resources for student projects that begin in a student’s first freshman engineering course and continue every semester through a student’s senior year. The benefits go beyond real-world implications. Engineering student projects like these also have real-time impact:

Your gift to fund hands-on projects enables engineering students to fully consider the environmental, energy, financial, security and social impacts when they analyze problems and design solutions. JMU engineers graduate with an integrated perspective focused on sustainability, design, and systems analysis to

  • Analyze and solve real-world human problems
  • Model, simulate and test complex interdependent socio-technical systems
  • Integrate business, social, and ethical aspects into engineering solutions
  • Work effectively in interdisciplinary teams and international environments
  • Manage engineering projects in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Communicate solutions effectively to diverse audiences
  • Strive toward lifelong learning and creative critical thinking

Together, by combining our talents and vision in the Department of Engineering, we can produce the 21st-century versatile engineering with the practical ingenuity to improve the sustainability of Virginia and the world.

That’s how the national model of the Engaged University operates. Your gift makes it possible.

The Peter G. Jackson Scholarship
This scholarship was endowed during the spring of 2008, and was first awarded in the 2009-10 academic year. The Jackson Family – specifically, Peter G. Jackson, Peter S. Jackson, Susan R. Jackson, Diane L. Fellenbaum, John D. Fellenbaum, Susan J. Reid, and Robert D. Reid – came together to create this endowment. The endowment will provide the financial resources to honor and support outstanding undergraduate student scholars enrolled in the Engineering program at James Madison University. Additional contributions will increase the amount that can be awarded to a student each year.

Engineering Alumni Connection

  • Visit, call, email, or connect with us on LinkedIn.  Let us know not only where you are and what you are doing, but also how you are doing.
  • Contact us to schedule a time to meet with our students to share your educational, work, or life experiences.
  • “Skype in” to one of our classes and vouch for the importance of what students are learning.

Corporate Partnerships

  • Host an interview session and offer internships and job opportunities.
  • Promote your company by scheduling a “tech talk” with one of our student organizations.  
  • Engage with our students by offering real-world, hands-on research opportunities.
  • Support one of our two-year long capstone projects with financial, technical or human resources