James Madison University

Potential Careers/Salaries

Upon graduation, alumni will be prepared for a wide range of opportunities in the engineering workforce or in engineering graduate school. Typical fields of engineering that students will be prepared to enter include applications engineering, process design, product design, process engineering, project engineering and systems engineering. Other industry options include product service, technical sales, management training and technical marketing.

A wide range of graduate school options include master's and doctoral programs in civil engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering and systems engineering. Other post-graduation options include business school, law school, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, military service, entrepreneurship (starting a small business), applied science fields, international experiences, medical school and careers in politics/public policy.

Some examples of the industries that hire engineers include, among others, aeronautic firms, airports, automobile manufactures, colleges and universities, computer service and software firms, consulting firms, energy systems firms, engineering firms, federal contractors, federal, state and local governments (e.g., NASA, EPA, NIST, DOD, DOE), non-profit agencies, manufacturing firms, inspection agencies, mining and petroleum firms, pharmaceutical and medical research companies, research and development laboratories, telecommunication companies, and waste management and recycling firms.