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Welcoming the New Advanced Thermal-Fluids Laboratory

Welcoming the new Advanced Thermal-Fluids Laboratory With support from the National Science Foundation in the form of $500,000, a state-of-the-art Advanced Thermal-Fluids Laboratory has been established to study a broad range of thermal-fluid applications varying from biomedical to mechanical to biological to energy to aerodynamic projects for research and education purposes.

PHOTO: Thermal Fluids

The Advanced Thermal-Fluids Laboratory, a facility joint between the Department of Engineering and ISAT, is equipped with a closed circuit water tunnel, a subsonic wind tunnel, a heart simulator system to study cardiac flows, and a sophisticated laser-based system designed to capture planar velocity distributions of a flow field. Dr. Olga Pierrakos (principal investigator and Department of Engineering professor) and Dr. Karim Altaii (co-investigator and ISAT professor) oversaw the development of the facility and now with Dr. Heather Watson (Department of Engineering professor) are overseeing the facility operations. The Advanced Thermal-Fluids Laboratory, located in the basement of the HHS building (HHS 0002), was designed to enable cross-disciplinary research and educational projects from many disciplines (engineering, ISAT, physics, biology, geology, applied mathematics, etc.) and is a facility that can be used by faculty and students at JMU and neighboring academic institutions as well as business partners. Use of the facility requires training and those interested in using the facility should contact Drs. Pierrakos, Altaii, or Watson.


PHOTO: Lab equipment in operation

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