James Madison University

Department of Engineering Welcomes New Faculty

PHOTO: Adebayo A. OgundipeAdebayo A. Ogundipe, Ph.D. will join the Department of Engineering as an Assistant Professor in August 2010.  Dr. Ogundipe received his doctorate in Environmental Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2006 and is currently a Research Fellow for the Center of Environmental Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology.  Dr. Ogundipe also teaches in the Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering Department at Stevens Institute.  His research and teaching is in life cycle impact, environmental sustainability, industrial ecology, green design, environmental compatibility in manufacturing, emerging pollutants, physicochemical processes, and environmental fate and transport studies.

PHOTO: Robert L. NagelRobert L. Nagel, Ph.D. will join the Department of Engineering as an Assistant Professor in August 2010.  Dr. Nagel earned his doctorate from Oregon State University in June 2010 in Engineering Design. He performs research in the area of design theory and methodology exploring the potential to automate human-centric operations, modeling of complex systems, and identification of faults associated with unanticipated user interaction Mr. Nagel aims to work collaboratively within both industrial and academic circles on multidisciplinary research projects applying research, performing new research and participating as an active member in the design research community.


  • Open: Engineering Faculty Position
  • January 28
    7:00 p.m.
    Steve Gaffney, JMU alum and nationally recognized speaker presents, "Honest Communication: Learn how to become a leader in your career.”
    ISAT 259
  • February 9
    7:00 p.m.
    Faraday Lecture Series: Dr. Michael Littman presents, “The value of historical re-creation in understanding how we know and what we know.”
    ISAT 259
  • March 9-13
    Spring Break
  • April 18
    Xchange ‘15
    Engineering students present a year of good through innovation, research, and design
    ISAT/CS and HHS Buildings