James Madison University

2013 CISE Faculty Awards Announced

Congratulations to the recipients of the CISE Faculty Awards and Support Grants

Outstanding Student Mentor
Paul Henriksen (Integrated Science and Technology)

Distinguished Service
Jeffrey Tang (Integrated Science and Technology)

Outstanding Junior Faculty
Carole Nash (Integrated Science and Technology)

CISE Faculty Support Grants

Elise Barrella (Engineering)
Active Transportation in the JMU Community – Behaviors and Attitudes toward Walking Bicycling, and Skateboarding

Mike Deaton (Integrated Science and Technology)
Educational Videos for a Board Game Simulator of Maasai Pastoralism in Southern Kenya

Samy El-Tawab (Integrated Science and Technology)
Building a mini-system to implement, test and maintain FRIEND: A Cyber-Physical System for Traffic Flow Related Information Aggregation and Dissemination – Building a prototype for parking lots applications at JMU

Kyle Gipson (Engineering)
Synthesis Environment Investigation of Light-emitting Polymer Nanocomposites by Undergraduate Researchers

Chris Mayfield (Computer Science)
Learning Relational Algebra by Snapping Blocks

Keith Holland  (Engineering) 
A Computational Approach to the Design of Materials for Solar Hydrogen

Stephanie Stockwell (Integrated Science and Technology)
Analysis of the Bradyrhizobium japonicum symbiosis-associated transcription factor, EcfS, and its gene targets: a student research project

Louise Temple (Integrated Science and Technology)
Finding Methicillin Resistance Genes in Viruses from Environmental Samples in the Shenandoah Valley:  a Partnership between JMU and VCU