James Madison University

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What type of engineering does this program focus on?
This Bachelor of Science is an engineering program that encompasses traditional technical training in engineering but also coursework in business administration and in applied project and group communication skills.  The theme of the program is Sustainability. 

What role does Sustainability play in engineering?
Our engineering graduates will possess the knowledge and skills to design products, manufacturing processes, and technological systems that do not deplete, diminish, or degrade environmental quality and natural resources.

Are there engineering sub-disciplines such as mechanical or chemical as at other schools of engineering?
No, this is a broad-based engineering program that draws from many areas of engineering to train engineering versatilists who are aware of the need for sustainability in the systems and devices they design.  Faculty expertise and student projects may include elements from a variety of fields including materials science, mechanical, civil, and other sub-disciplines of engineering.

What high school coursework should a prospective student complete?
High school students should complete advanced coursework in mathematics, the sciences, and technology as available at their school.  As with any science or technology area in college, advanced placement or International Baccalaureate coursework is beneficial.  Prospective students should also engage in extracurricular high school activities, if available, that involve teamwork, design, and group projects.

Are there special admissions requirements to major in engineering at JMU?
No, although engineering students should be aware that many courses include prerequisites, or courses that must be successfully completed before enrollment in a specific course. More information on admission information can be found on the Academic Policies page.

Will graduates be prepared to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) licensure examination?
Yes, students will be prepared for and required to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) general engineering examination.

Can I graduate in engineering from JMU in four years?
Yes, the B.S. in Engineering will require 78 credit hours of major coursework, 42 hours of general education coursework, and 9 credits of elective coursework, totaling 129 credit hours for graduation.

Do engineering students have different General Education requirements from other JMU students?
No.  A full liberal arts-rich education is fundamental to the graduation of every JMU student, and our engineers are no different.  In fact, the full awareness of humanity and our shared experiences and culture that comes from a liberal education will be a distinguishing feature of JMU engineers necessary to fulfill the goal of understanding the need for sustainability in design.

What will graduates from this program be prepared to do?
Our engineering graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce directly as front-line engineers or as managers of a high technology business.  They will also be prepared to enter graduate school in a wide range of engineering sub-disciplines or non-engineering disciplines such as law, business, or medicine

Are there opportunities for real-world projects?
Yes, this is a primary focus of our engineering program.  Students will be required to work in teams to solve real-world problems in six engineering design courses throughout the curriculum.

Are business courses part of this program?
Yes, part of the mission of this program is to prepare students to integrate business, social, and ethical issues into engineering solutions. Business content is presented in two required courses in Management of Technology, one General Education course, and integrated in many other courses throughout the curriculum. In addition, students have the option to pursue a minor in Business.

Does the Engineering Program properly prepare students to enter either JMU’s or another university’s MBA program?
Yes, students can meet all MBA prerequisites by using their electives to take several more business courses to supplement the required engineering degree coursework. Students who combine this undergraduate engineering degree with an advanced degree in business will be highly desirable for many companies.

Can JMU students in other major programs enroll in engineering courses?
Yes, if they have the prerequisites and space is available.

Can engineering students at JMU minor in other areas?
Yes, students may chose from a variety of programs in business, the sciences, technology, and the liberal arts, to name a few possibilities.

Can JMU students minor in engineering?
Currently there is no minor in engineering; however, a minor will be explored in the future.