James Madison University

For Employers

Solving real-world human problems in a team environment is a primary focus of the engineering program. Related internships, summer jobs and full time employment is supported and actively encouraged. There are several ways in which we can help to recruit students.

  1. We can send position announcements directly to all Engineering majors and students can contact you directly to apply. Send announcements to engineering@jmu.edu.
  2. You can post your position on JMU's jobs database, which is called Recruit-A-Duke. Contact the JMU office of Career and Academic Planning for more information.
  3. JMU holds a Career and Internship Fair each fall and spring, at which time intern employers are invited to meet and interview prospective employees/interns. The office of Career and Academic Planning can also help you if you wish to participate in the fairs.
  4. Frequently asked questions for Employers