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   Use JMU access card on first reference; JACard or access card thereafter. (MadisonStyle

      Students should bring their JMU access cards to the door.
      Present your JACard at the door.

James Madison
   The eponym of James Madison University, James Madison was the fourth president of the United States and generally
   is regarded as the Father of the U.S. Constitution.

James Madison University
   Use full name on first reference; on second reference, JMU, Madison or university are all acceptable.

      James Madison University is in Harrisonburg.
      JMU is in Harrisonburg.
      The university is in Harrisonburg.

James Madison University Board of Visitors
   Capitalize only when the official name is used; always use the official name in first reference.

      The James Madison University Board of Visitors will meet this week.
      The JMU Board of Visitors will meet this week.
      The board of visitors called a special meeting.

JMU faculty awards
   For a listing of credentials, awards and academic units (teaching areas), associated with individual JMU faculty members
   see http://www.jmu.edu/catalog/XX/general/faculty.html.  Replace XX with the last two digits of the current academic 
   year. Refer to academic units when writing for accreditation purposes.