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back up (v.)

backup (n. and adj)

   Not backwards

   Means at the side of

   Means in addition to

Be the Change
   Refers to JMU's communications program that expresses JMU's unique character. It also refers to the profiles collected and published by JMU that feature students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors who are actively changing the world. Capitalize Be the Change when it refers to the JMU program and any of the world changers featured on the site. For more information, see Be the Change.

    Means twice a year and is a synonym for the word semiannual

   Means every two years

     Means every other month. Semimonthly means twice a month.

     Means every other week.  Semiweekly means twice a week.

board of visitors
   Capitalize only when the formal name is used; always use the formal name in first reference.

        The JMU Board of Visitors will meet this week.
        The board of visitors called a special meeting.

box office (n.)

        Pick up your tickets at the box office.

box-office (adj.)
Box-office results showed an improvement over last year.

   Never abbreviate; capitalize the proper names of buildings, including the word building if it is an integral part of the proper name. The Office of Institutional Research maintains a complete listing of JMU buildings in current use. List of buildings

The Music Building is on the Quad.

build up (v.)

buildup (n. and adj)

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