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HRD 201: Leadership Styles, Theory, and Application

D.E.E.P Impact: Exploring Multicultural Competency for Effective Facilitation

This course is offered in the fall semester to undergraduate students who are interested in becoming a Diversity Educator.

Course Description:

Exploring Multicultural Competency for Effective Facilitation will prepare students enrolled to become a diversity educator. The Diversity Education Empowerment Program is sponsored by the Center for Multicultural Student Services at James Madison University. In this course students will gain a deeper understanding of social identities and gain the necessary skills to facilitate training, programs, and dialogues focusing on areas of diversity, multiculturalism, inclusion, and access.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate personal growth and greater awareness of one's identity including a recognition of privilege and marginalization
  • Demonstrate a greater awareness and appreciation of identities and communities are different from their own
  • Develop learning objectives based on student learning needs for programming
  • Develop skills for effective facilitation
  • Articulate needs of diverse populations
  • Understand program planning components (consultation, promotion, implementation, evaluation)

This course is co-taught by Tonya Lazdowski and Dr. Oris Griffin

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