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Achieving accomplishment
with others

Korinne Sulewski

Senior Awards Program

Scott Gallagher and Outstanding Student in Management Korinne Sulewski

Kyle Toebe

Senior Awards Program

Scott Gallagher and Management Faculty Award for Excellence Student Kyle Toebe

Management Consulting nTelos

Dr. Marshall Pattie's Management Consulting Course

For their semester project, students worked closely with companies like nTelos.

Welcome to the Management Program

A Description of the Major

Management is the most common yet most misunderstood field in all of business.  It is easy to know right away if someone is poor at accounting or finance, but bad management?  Alas, that is much harder to immediately detect.  Too frequently, bad managers persist like zombies in a cheap horror movie blaming their problems on everyone but themselves while they slowly suck the brains from the organizations they are supposed to guide.  Worse, many people tend to dismiss the skills of a trained manager as simply “common sense.”  But if management is common sense, where do all these bad managers keep coming from?

Management is simply achieving accomplishment with others.  It is the most broadly applicable skill set taught at the College of Business.

The Management Department is a team of dedicated professionals devoted to the systematic investigation and dissemination of ways people can work well with others. 

So thank you for your interest in what we are about here.  Please take some time to explore our site and feel free to contact me or any of our faculty if we can assist you in some way.

Best wishes,

Scott Gallagher

Chair, Management Department