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Equipping Students

Fostering the ability to work comfortably in more than one corner of the global marketplace


Preparing Students...

...for participation in organizations requiring a broad business perspective, applicable skills in global business and an understanding of the complexity of the globalized world

International Business Spring Food Drive

International Business Spring Food Drive

4,028 items were collected and were donated to the Local Food Pantry.

Welcome to the Department of International Business

A Description of the Major

Our Start: The International Business Program was instituted in 1978 by the College of Business. Since inception, the program has grown into one of the most reputable programs in the East. It is especially known for its broad-based orientation and high level of education attained by its graduates. The program offers students a thorough grounding in business, foreign culture and language.

Our Goal: Since modern enterprises - governmental, nonprofit, business - operate in a global environment, success is difficult for those who are unaware of events and cultures outside their own. The program's goal is to equip students with the ability to work comfortably in more than one corner of the global marketplace.

The Classes: International business is more than a different discipline - it is a different perspective. This definition of the program requires it to be interdisciplinary. An international business student will not take upper-level classes from one isolated department, but, rather, the international courses from all the business disciplines. International business is a Bachelor of Business Administration degree awarded by the College of Business. However, major requirements go beyond the college to the departments of political science, geographic information science, sociology, anthropology and foreign languages and literatures.

For Graduation: In addition to a thorough foundation in business, the program stresses the need for graduates to function well in a foreign environment. Competency in a second language and thorough exposure to a chosen second culture are graduation requirements. Study abroad or a one semester international internship is required and must be integrated into your schedule. The requirements of the major are designed to allow you to choose a concentration in finance or marketing. However, some international business majors also declare another major, such as their foreign language or an additional College of Business discipline.